High quality of our services is evidenced by the fact that majority of our customers are automotive companies. Processing of orders in just-in-time system requires us to monitor vehicles on an ongoing basis, take care of timely deliveries and safety of cargoes entrusted to us.

We guarantee punctuality of deliveries on the highest level.

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The TEMPERI policy is oriented towards the needs and requirements of our Customers. In order to meet the objective above, we treat every contractor individually.
We are an ideal partner for every company that wishes to optimise its logistical processes so that they comply with restrictive requirements of the international market. Thanks to extensive experiences and modern solutions, TEMPERI offers a comprehensive range of services which guarantee a logistical system that is well adjusted to the needs of every company.


TEMPERI with its registered office in Kraków at Mazowiecka Street was established in 1992.
From the very beginning of its operation, the company has been consistently pursuing the policy of investing in own development. Meeting the expectations of the company’s partners half-way, the company is systematically extending and improving its service offer.
We started as a small transportation company and through development and constant enhancement of our fleet we currently own several means of transportation.
At the same time, we are extending international and domestic shipping in order to offer
to our customer the possibility of servicing on all directions according to the customers’ expectations.

Currently, we are one of the largest transportation companies in the region of southern Poland.

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